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About AppMetric LLC

We are a technology driven company based out of Harrisburg, NC. We bring the industry experts together and deliver the right solutions providing value to the customers transforming the future. At AppMetric we strongly believe in collaboration between our consultants, our business and our clients.

We work with all the industries across various domains Operations, IT, Strategy, HR etc. meeting various requirements of our clients. Our services include HR Recruiting and IT Consulting, helping our clients with smarter solutions in building better business.

AppMetric is backed by over 10+ years of IT expertise across various platforms. We strive to deliver futuristic projects.

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Did you know we offer FREE services? Our services are free during assessment.



Our trained recruiting team can take care of whole hiring process, including onboarding! A recruiter is the first face of interaction candidate gets to have with the industry, why not make it one of the best, imagine being able to choose - your own recruiter. At AppMetric, we let you focus more on results by hiring better talent than the process, let us deal with that. We provide corporate recruiters on contract, contract hire and permanent basis. Let's connect!.


When it comes to finding the right talent for a given industry, we understand it can be challenging. At AppMetric, we treat each challenge unique, identifying the key requirements and by bridging the gap, we bring innovation to the table so industries can expand their capabilities and focus on driving forward. With a suite of skills ranging from Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, BI and DW, Mobile apps, we can assist and support with every step. Let's connect!.

Artificial Intelligence

Thinking of building your own bot, or maybe automating manual automation, we can build smart machines combine large volumes of Data (one of our core strengths) to make smart decisions. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a leading tool in helping organizations get maximum out of business by adapting itself to new data. Our AI services can help you get there, let us convert data into value for your business. This goes a long way to helping your company scale its adoption of Artificial Intelligence. Wanna know how we can enhance revenue and growth of your enterprise? Let's connect!.


Ever wondered how much Data has grown previously? Data has been and always will be an integral part of any business. It is the core part of industries and every aspect of business intelligence depends on Quality Data. Our data services help companies in their journey of digital transformation, through data warehousing, data integration, data validation, data manipulation and much more. With valuable data comes better decision making, increased productivity and faster processing. From MS Sql Server, Oracle to big data, we have it all. Working with Data has always been our biggest strength including confidentiality and security. Need to organize data? We got you, Let's connect!.

Mobile Apps

Today everything is just a touch away on your palm. Do you have an idea that need to be developed? Have an app that needs to be made better? Our Mobile apps experts will build a fine app combining quality, data and AI on your palm. From understanding the idea, building, testing, supporting, marketing, enhancement and sales, we got you covered whole 9 yards. Not sure about the idea? We can even help you build a prototype. Read to transform through that one touch, let's get in connect! Let's connect!.

Testing and QA

What would data be without Quality? We make sure all 6 measures of data quality are followed and thorough testing is done before a product or application is delivered. QA is extremely important and regardless of the product or application, our domain knowledge stretches across various domains and our vertical experience helps us working with any business with ease. We build extensive test cases in compliance with system integrated and user acceptance. Quality is just a connect away, Let's connect!.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a necessity today to ensure the prosperity of any type of business. We offer high-quality digital marketing services that can help your business get the visibility it deserves. Our digital marketing services include everything from Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Marketing and much more. We offer all the services that are essential to get the right visibility for your business. If you need digital marketing services, we are here to offer you the best services, Let's connect!.

Cloud Computing

Too many systems, wires, logistics, maintenance, scalability issues, can’t take your work everywhere? Cloud! Here is a solution that offers you everything over internet. Secure, Faster, flexible and economical. We can set you up with cloud solutions catering your specific business needs, say No to big servers and fixed hardware, you can now login from any internet compatible device and get going. With our services, you will receive the advantage of modernizing your applications while also being assured that even your most sensitive data is protected in your private cloud deployment. Combine this with the ability to look at your Data well organized for your next sales pitch, audit or just for inventory analysis, we got this. With so many vendors for cloud, we work with your choice of provider and budget that fits your needs. It’s cloudy. Let’s connect!

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